TLoZ D&D (4E)

Well, someone had to fanfic the crap out of it. And, since that’s already been done to undeath, let me add my two cents to the pile. A friendly and hearty welcome to all of you squealing girls and quivering manchildren. Welcome to The Legend of Zelda D&D. Done right (sort of).

First, we’re using a much-expanded campaign world, with Hyrule somewhere… out there… Second, you have access to several races, any of which are acceptable, and every official class in 4E (in print or digital form). Finally, we’re starting with testing, and a fair bit of stuff is going to be given out. This cool stuff is going to disappear after a while, but you can get away with some real insanity here — I’m actually looking for nuttiness, so I can patch what holes form and strengthen the game world.

Yes, this is really happening — it’s Legend of Zelda D&D. And, yes, I know that this could easily get atrocious. It’s supposed to be, in the name of fun and a good storyline, so let’s get down to business.

Get in the wiki already.

Players: I need your character sheets, first and foremost. Ideally, I want to get this off the ground within two weeks, hopefully in half that time. We’ll see how schedules conflict.


Triforce bird